What is the Nobel Prize award? You need to know

Nobel Prize award

The Nobel Prize award is a set of annual awards presented to persons who have “conferred the greatest benefit to humanity,” according to Nobel Prize founder Alfred Nobel. Nobel was a writer, inventor, entrepreneur, scientist, and businessman. When Nobel died, he donated the majority of his assets to create these prizes, which reflect each of […]

Types of solar systems, everything you need to know

Type of solar systems

Have you ever looked at your electricity bill, which seems to be increasing no matter what you do, and considered going on solar but didn’t know how to get started? Flow Pakistan gathered information from a few companies operating around Pakistan to resolve your questions about how much and what types of solar systems cost, […]

Fake version of WhatsApp exist

fake version of whatsapp

A fake version of WhatsApp is circulating, stealing accounts and personal information from thousands of users. Analysts at the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab shared the report. The unofficial version is known as This unofficial version is known as “YoWhatsApp,” and it is a fully functional messenger app that steals user account access and credentials. It […]