Science and technology are still not given enough attention in Pakistan, both by the government and by the general public. Even when it came to change or criticism, there were no media to talk about it. We all know that the news media are important because they are one of the main ways that scientific and technological issues are brought to the public’s attention. Most people’s understanding of science is based on what they hear and see in the news and on TV. Good reporting lets people evaluate science policy issues and make smart decisions; bad reporting can mislead a public that is becoming more and more influenced by science. The need for a science and technology newspaper arose, and “Flow Pakistan(which will be a daily newspaper in the future) was born.

Flow Pakistan: A brief profile

Flow Pakistan is the first and only newspaper in Pakistan that focuses on science and technology. Both online and in print, it helps people learn more about science and technology. We think that knowledge, especially scientific and technological knowledge, has become the main force driving both the economy of a country and the economy of the world. And this can be done by making people more aware. The goals of Weekly “Flow Pakistan” are to spread scientific and technological information to the general public, to promote Pakistani scientists and solve technical, and to build relationships between universities and businesses.

Flow Pakistan doesn’t just cover one or two areas; it covers the whole picture of the country’s scientific and technological development, whether it’s in IT, telecom, agriculture, the environment, energy, or STEM higher education.

Flow Pakistan wants to be an important part of how people in Pakistan get information. The goal of the publication is to report on the most important issues at the cutting edge of science and technology.

Our objectives

The main goals of the weekly newspaper Technology Times are: 1) to share information with the general public; 2) to highlight Pakistani scientists and technopreneurs; and 3) to build relationships between universities and businesses.

Our focus

Every issue of Flow Pakistan is full of technology news, reviews, interviews, and in-depth articles, mostly about agriculture, climate change and the environment, information technology and telecommunications, energy, especially renewable energy, and science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and higher education. But that’s not all.

People who read what we write

Flow Pakistan takes advantage of the knowledge and insights of executives and decision-makers, who know what scientific and technological problems need to be solved, how technology needs to be reported, and what answers need to be given. The thing that really sets Technology Times apart from other publications is how it meets this basic need to inform. Flow Pakistan gives away free copies to a large audience, including policymakers and people in charge of making decisions in both the public and private sectors.

Flow Pakistan is sent to many organizations and institutions in Pakistan, such as universities, research groups, and academics. It is read in more than 50 cities. With its Campus Correspondent (C2) network, Flow Pakistan is present in more than 110 universities across Pakistan, where students send regular updates from their schools.

The newspaper and the website go together very well. It not only has a database of all of the past issues, but it also gives people a way to connect with the active and diverse technical community in the country.