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best home and office computer 2022

Best home and office Computer 2022

We choose the finest all-in-one PCs from Microsoft, Apple, and other manufacturers. Best home and office Computer 2022

The finest all-in-one PCs are ideal for individuals who want PC-level performance without the hassles of PC setup, cable management, and the space they require on a workstation. In addition to being an outstanding budget computer, they are also preassembled with all components and a display at a low price.

AIO PCs are genuinely remarkable because, while occupying such little desk space while including all the required PC components, they tend to be among the most powerful computers on the market. Some can even do intensive tasks like gaming, graphic design, and video editing.

Monitors for AIOs tend to be much bigger than those of the best laptops and monitors, making them ideal for creative areas and multitaskers who want more screen space. They’re also handy since everything is included in the box, so there’s no need to worry about components’ prices skyrocketing as they did during the crypto mining mania.

Numerous all-in-one laptops will see price reductions, making them even better buys due to Black Friday’s abundance of Black Friday offers. In addition, we have evaluated many of these PCs over the years, so we know which ones give the most value for your money.

iMac (27-inch, 2020)

Even though the Apple iMac 27-inch (2020) is a little outdated, this model has significant upgrades to its specifications that make it competitive with modern computers. This includes the updated webcam and microphones that came with the device.

During testing, we discovered that it could handle difficult tasks such as picture and video editing. In addition, the iMac 27-inch (2020) did not break a sweat when running various applications and web browsers with many tabs simultaneously running. Similarly, we found its microphone array to be studio-quality and its webcam to be the ideal complement for work-from-home professionals. Indeed, its general design has not been updated in quite some time, making it seem a touch worn. However, if power is your priority, this card is ace.

HP Envy 34 All-in-One

The HP Envy 34 all-in-one computer is powerful, providing Windows customers with a superb iMac competitor for a reasonably low price. But, unfortunately, our esteemed five-star rating is seldom awarded, which should speak loudly about its excellence. This is the case despite having a previous-generation Intel CPU and a mobile GPU.

Among the many things we like about this laptop is the 16MP camera that can be adjusted and the abundance of connectors. On examination, though, its stunning display steals the show. This height-adjustable, 34-inch, 5K 21:9 screen is not just beautiful but incredibly brilliant, with 500 nits of brightness and 98% DCI-P3 gamut coverage, making it excellent for video editors who work in that colour space.

Do you dislike replacing your PC every couple of years? It is also extensible to up to 4TB of M.2 storage and 128GB of DDR4 RAM, allowing for expansion.

Surface Studio 2

It was a game-changer for artists and content creators when the original Surface Studio was released. Moreover, the sequel remains in a league of its own. The Surface Studio 2 has the same stunning display and unique functionality as its predecessor, but its processing power has increased significantly, making it a much more futuristic device.

Its internals has demonstrated that they can perform virtually all contemporary computing tasks throughout testing. This includes rendering 3D graphics, multitasking, and processor-intensive tasks such as encoding video and rendering dense spreadsheets, but not video rendering if your use case is suitable for the Surface Stfind finding a better all-in-one PC for artists and graphic designers. Is difficult. However, the Surface Studio 2 remains extraordinarily expensive.

HP Chromebase All-in-One 22

Students and people on a budget may love the HP Chromebase. Essentially a Chromebook in all-in-one form combines the benefits of a Chromebook – amazing value, fantastic performance, and great design – with the benefits of an all-in-one, such as a large display in a desktop footprint that is smaller.

During our testing, it proved to be a dependable computer with intelligent design elements that you will find handy. We often had it running 20 or more tabs simultaneously, and it never showed any symptoms of slowing down. Moreover, the built-ins are stunning in and of themselves.

Usually, all-in-one PCs are pricey, but this one is an exception. And it’s a terrific one, particularly for families, college students, and office employees whose primary browser is Google Chrome.

iMac (24-inch, 2021)

If you believe that the new iMacs cannot possibly be as excellent as they seem, you are mistaken. The iMac (24-inch, 2021) is not merely an outward enhancement over its 21.5-inch predecessor; it also has a brand-new face that is available in numerous retro-inspired hues. The new series also has updated specifications, including Apple’s new M1 processor that enables it to give exceptional performance, making it perfect for aspiring video makers.

It also boasts a superior, bigger display. You’ll also be pleased to hear that you’re getting a terrific deal since the Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse – in matching colours, we may add – are included. The iMac (24-inch, 2021) is a great value in price, performance, features, and design and is more affordable. It is, without a doubt, the greatest all-in-one PC we’ve ever evaluated.

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