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How to make money on Amazon by sharing your favorite products


You’ve probably heard the phrase “connected on my Amazon storefront” if you use social media. Influencers will blatantly promote their stores since they get paid when you make a purchase from their favourites page. Good news: you can now accomplish it as well. Simply submit an application to the Amazon Influencer Program to start your own storefront.

I am aware that the term “influencer” might be daunting because it is frequently used to refer to an online persona with a sizable following. However, Amazon also permits participation from content producers with a typical number of followers. I was authorised despite having 1.6K Instagram followers and 5.5K TikTok subscribers. In addition to your number of followers, the online retail behemoth considers additional interaction data. I can tell you that if you continuously provide material, you will get accepted.

Step 1: Go to the Amazon website

In your internet browser, open this link to Amazon.com. It will take you to the landing page to sign up for the Amazon Influencer Program. Then, click on the Sign up button.

Step 2: Sign into your Amazon account or create a new one

You will be sent to a page where you can choose the Amazon account you want to link to your influencer account after clicking the Sign Up button. You may access your buying history, product reviews, and existing lists by logging in with your Amazon account, which is already active. Open a new account if you’d want to keep your current account and your other account separate, or if you don’t have one now.

Step 3: Look for Amazon’s “approval”

Once you’ve linked your accounts, you’ll be asked a few additional questions, such your social network usernames, to see if you qualify or not. Then comes the moment you’ve been waiting for: *drumroll* You’ll find out if your application is accepted. Do not lose heart if your application is rejected. If you’d like, you may improve your social media profile by posting more frequently and applying daily. It’s time to go to the next stage if you were accepted.

Set up your storefront and share the link

You’ve been given the go-ahead. Setting up the storefront is now necessary. You should make concept lists with your favourite Amazon products or suggestions on them. Make lists that, ideally, correspond to your content to keep your fans interested. For instance, CarterPC is a popular influencer who covers technology; as a result, his storefront is filled with his preferred tech accessories.

The struggle is not over once you’ve been accepted. If you want to increase the likelihood that others will buy your advice, share the link as you won’t get paid unless they do.


What is an Amazon storefront?

A website on Amazon known as a “Amazon shop” features a “influencer’s” preferred Amazon items. Influencers profit from the followers’ purchases while followers may quickly get product suggestions from reliable sources.

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How much do you get paid as an Amazon Influencer?

Depending on the product and category, the commission rates range from 4% to 20%. By publishing a chart online that details the rate for each category, Amazon is open about the prices.

What qualifications do you need to be approved as an Amazon Influencer?

As per Amazon, “All forms of influencers are welcome to apply as long as they have a YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook account. We consider your number of followers along with other engagement indicators while evaluating your application.” Although no precise data are provided, posting consistency appears to be more important than the number of followers.

Additionally, there is the persona illusion: Are you real on social media?

If my application to become an Amazon Influencer is declined, may I submit it again?

Yes! You may submit as many applications as you wish. Do not give up if you are rejected! By posting on social media more frequently and then checking again, you can improve your online presence. Sometimes, everything is just luck.

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