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Improve your productivity and online security with 66% off on a five-year Control D plan

Control D offers solutions for quicker browsing, improved internet safety, and setting and enforcing work routines.

Trying to be safe while accessing your favorite stuff in the digital world can at times feel daunting. The good news is that you can take charge of your digital life with just one touch while maintaining performance and productivity. In fact, Control D can make both of them better. A five-year membership for new customers is now available for only $39.99.

You can browse more quickly thanks to the improved security and speed that Control D offers. By preventing yourself from seeing certain stuff when you don’t want to, you can increase your productivity. You may make and implement a productivity plan using Control D. Most significantly, you can keep your children safer since Control D provides methods to safeguard them as they use the Internet independently.

More than 300 services may be blocked, and you can select from 10,000 unique restrictions. Control D supports numerous well-known blocklists from third parties in addition to 15 native blocklist filters. You won’t need to download or install any software to get started, and everything is quite user-friendly. The platform is accessible on desktop and mobile devices, and the web control panel has tutorials.

With the help of this subscription, you may completely secure up to 10 devices at once, setting unique rules for each one. Simply set up separate internet profiles under a single account for each device in your household. It’s simple to understand why Product Hunt users have given Control D a flawless five-star rating.

This offer covers everything in the Full Control Plan, with the exception of anything needing proxies, which you can use for any form of unblocking or location spoofing. For the next five years, you may work, study, shop, and play without anxiety online.

Start protecting your family while blocking ads, being more productive, and browsing faster. Get a five-year subscription to Control D today while it’s available to new users for just $39.99, down 66% from the usual $120 subscription price.

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