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Imran Khan’s life under threat

Imran Khan life under threat as per intelligence reports



Islamabad High Court (IHC) Chief Justice Aamer Farooq said on Friday that, as per intelligence reports, there were fears of another attack on former prime minister Imran Khan. Imran Khan life under threat

He made these statements while listening to a petition submitted by merchants over traffic restrictions caused by the protesting party.

Previously, Justice Farooq had requested a report from the Islamabad police inspector general on the plea and ordered the interior ministry to design a plan to guarantee peaceful demonstrations in Islamabad.

During today’s hearing, the judge said, using intelligence assessments provided in court, that another attempt on Imran’s life was possible.

“The government and the state are responsible for investigating this situation,” he stated.

On November 3, while leading the party’s lengthy march in Wazirabad, Punjab, the PTI’s leader was wounded by gunfire while leading the party’s protest.

Moazzam Nawaz, a supporter of the PTI, was murdered in the attack, along with 14 others, including the previous prime minister.

‘PTI must submit fresh plea for protest’

At the commencement of the session, the IHC CJ ordered the PTI to file a new petition to the Islamabad government requesting permission to hold a sit-in in the capital.

“If the matter is not addressed, a new petition may be submitted,” he added that it was not the court’s duty to provide a location for the sit-in.

It is at the government’s discretion to provide approval for D-Chowk or F-9 park.

Justice Farooq said the administration should determine the protest’s rules and regulations. “The Supreme Court also issued the same ruling,” he stated.

The court also inquired about the status of the roads in Islamabad and requested an update on the situation in other provinces.

Following the Wazirabad fire incident, PTI supporters in major cities throughout the nation took to the streets, causing the federal government to condemn the provincial governments.

“What happened to the directives sent by the Center to the provincial government? IHC CJ asked, “What would happen if the provinces do not comply with the federal government’s directives?”

He continued by stating that demonstrating was a democratic right of both political and non-political parties but also vital to protect the rights of ordinary individuals.

Even in England, people congregate at 10 Downing Street. However, they do not obstruct the roadways,” he said.

“When the Supreme Court ruled they can’t halt the long march, you stopped the GT Road and other highways,”

Justice Farooq remarked to the PTI attorney, urging the party to “show responsibility.”

He then repeated that the PTI had to submit a new application to the government to stage a demonstration. “If permission is granted, ensure that roads are not obstructed and that the rights of people are maintained.”

The hearing was then postponed until November 22.

The petition

In their plea, filed earlier last week, the merchants said that the Supreme Court had requested that the PTI restrict its protest to a specific location earlier this year.

However, the group breached their agreement by marching towards D-Chowk, torching trees, and damaging public property.

The report claimed that the event was ultimately cancelled out of fear of violence.

The petition argued that the protest by political parties should be seen in the light of historical events beginning in 2014 when a political party started a nearly five-month sit-in in the city.

Critical government institutions, such as Parliament House and Pakistan Television, were targeted then.

It asked the court to prevent the political party from accessing the commercial sections of Islamabad.

Permission for a public rally might be contingent on the PTI’s agreement to confine itself to the selected location beyond the capital city’s boundaries. Imran Khan life under threat

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