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Installing Android applications on Windows 11

You want to download Android apps to your PC, then.  Fortunately, you can!  How? Read on.

The ability to install Android applications on your PC and utilize some of the same apps you use on your Android phone directly on your Windows desktop was one of the key things Microsoft spoke about with Windows 11. Microsoft delivered on its promise in February when it made available the update that makes Amazon’s Appstore available for Windows 11.

You won’t locate the Amazon Appstore on your Start menu even after making sure your computer is running the most recent version of Windows 11, though. Instead, you’ll have to put in a little more effort to get it going.

Fellow Ed Bott, a writer for FLOWPAKISTAN, has a great essay explaining the technical nuances of utilizing Android apps on a Windows 11 computer that is well worth reading, especially if you’re on the fence about even going through the procedure. But don’t panic, you can easily reverse everything if you start using Android applications on your PC and then change your mind.

Keep in mind that an Amazon account is required.

Step 1: Check if your PC can run Android apps

You must first determine whether your PC can even run Android apps.

Microsoft has published a list of the minimum system requirements for using Android applications, but there is a quicker method available if you don’t want to spend the time looking for your system’s specs and comparing them to the list.

Verify the system requirements.

To launch the Microsoft Store on your computer, click this link. You may also use the Store app and look for Amazon Appstore there. Locate the device’s system requirements section while the Appstore listing is showing.

If your system satisfies the requirements, a green tick and some text stating this should be shown. If not, choose Show more to see the whole list of specifications and find out where your system falls short.

If your needs are still unmet, the solution is typically as easy as updating Windows 11 so that you may make advantage of the functionality. In that scenario, the list will inform you. Open the Settings programme from there, then choose Windows Update > Check for updates.

Step 2: Install Amazon’s Appstore

Click the Install button while remaining in the Microsoft Store app and browsing the Amazon Appstore.

You’ll see a new window that has more information about the installation procedure. After reading it, click the Download button, and then wait until Microsoft’s Subsystem for Android downloads.

After the download is finished, select Open Amazon Appstore. The Windows Subsystem for Android will then begin to load, which might take a minute or two depending on how quickly your system is.

When it is finished, a splash screen for the Amazon Appstore will appear and prompt you to sign in using your Amazon account. Use your login information to continue.

Step 3: Install Android apps through the Amazon Appstore

You may browse the available applications and games during the preview period once you’ve set up the Appstore and registered in. You may download the Kindle app from Amazon, as well as Audible, Disney+, Prime Video, Hulu, and applications for streaming services like Hulu and Hulu Plus.

Just like you would if you were using the Appstore on an Android for Fire device, click on the app icon to install an Android app. After choosing install, let the Appstore handle the rest.

When it’s finished, the install button will change to Open. Toggle it.

Once you’ve installed Android applications, you can locate them by opening the Start menu and checking the Recommended area for recently used or installed apps.

If the app(s) aren’t there, you may scroll through the list by selecting All applications from the Start menu’s pinned area.

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