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Kamyab Jawan Program

Kamyab Jawan Program 2022: Requirements, Application

The Kamyab Jawan Program, its free courses, and all the other necessary details are covered on this page. To learn more about this program, read the article and the conclusion.

“Kamyab Jawan Program” is an initiative launched by the government of Pakistan to empower and equip young people with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today’s world. The program aims to provide young people with access to quality education, vocational training, and entrepreneurship opportunities, focusing on disadvantaged and marginalized communities.

About Kamyab Jawan Program

Imran Khan, the prime minister, has a track record of mobilizing the nation’s young. He launched the Kamyab Jawan Program in 2019. This provides qualified youngsters with technical and financial resources to uncover the potential of young Pakistanis.

Knowing that hundreds of individuals just applied for a peon post and many of them were qualified, is weird. The high pace of inflation is to blame for this. The government and the candidates are concerned about the growing unemployment rate. Every aspect of society is under stress due to the rapid rate of inflation.

PM Imran Khan introduced the “Kamyab Jawan Kamyab Pakistan” plan to address youth issues by constructing reputable training and technical institutes where skills programs could be provided.

They started this program to give Pakistani youth more employment options in launching new businesses and growing current ones. Registration for the free online courses Kamyab Jawan offers in 2022 is now open, thanks to NAVTTC.

The primary objective of the prime minister is to increase the nation’s economic growth via training qualified personnel. The government completed the free course batches 1 and 2 after NAVTTC’s successful run, and it has now announced batch 3 enrollment. The three to six-month-long online courses Kamyab Jawan offers have attracted over 60000 students.

Kamyab Jawan Program Courses 2022

The NAVTTC has opened enrollment for the free online courses offered via the Kamyab Jawan Program in 2022. A Pakistani publication advertised the availability of free online courses in 2022. Any one of the 24 free online courses is open to candidates. You are eligible for online registration if you have earned your FA/FSc or higher degree.

Men and women who desire to start an online company can enroll in these Kamyab Jawan courses.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision has led to the creation of talented groups that is bolstering Pakistan’s economy. After NAVTTC’s free course batches 1 and 2 were a success, the government opened enrollment for Batch 3.

The Kamyab Jawan Program Free Courses are open to applicants from all throughout the nation in 2022.

Are you interested in learning more about these free courses’ qualifications and application procedure? So read this article through to the end.

kamyab Jawan Program Courses List

The Kamyab Jawan Program Free Courses are open to applicants from all throughout the nation in 2022.

Are you interested in learning more about these free courses’ qualifications and application procedure? So read this article through to the end.

S.No            Course Name
1                  Renewable Energy Systems Design
2                  Product Designing By Using Solid-works & ANSYS
3                  Mechatronics
4                  Data Analytics
5                  3D Animation with Realistic Rendering
6                  Artificial Intelligence
7                  Networking and Cloud Computing Technologies
8                  Advance Web Application Development
9                  Cyber Security and Computer
10                Amazon Virtual Assistant
11                Fashion and Beauty
12                Construction etc.
13                Energy Efficiency Management
14                Applied instrumentation and Control Automation
15                Robotics & Automatic System Operator
16                Social Media, Digital Marketing & SEO
17                Computer Vision
18                Game Development and Modeling
19                Advance Python Programming and Application
20                Certificate in IT (CIT)
21                Networking and Cloud Computing Technologies
22                Hospitality
23                Welding
24                Internet of Things

Important Kamyab Jawan courses detail

  1. Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Courses: These courses are designed to provide young people with the practical skills and knowledge needed to pursue careers in various technical and vocational fields, such as carpentry, electrical engineering, and welding. The courses are offered at vocational training centers and institutes across the country and typically last for one to two years.
  2. Higher Education Courses: The Kamyab Jawan Program also offers funding and support for young people to pursue higher education degrees at universities and colleges in Pakistan. This includes financial assistance for tuition fees, books, and other expenses.
  3. Entrepreneurship Courses: The program also provides young entrepreneurs with the resources and support they need to start and grow their own businesses. This includes access to business development services, mentorship, and financial assistance for start-up costs.

Eligibility Criteria

Youth with skills have been developed as a result of the Prime Minister’s Special Package, which intends to execute the “Skill for All” initiative. The Kamyab Jawan Program 2022, NAVTTC Batch-3’s main objective is to teach young people traditional and technology subjects so they may launch their own enterprises or land a good job.

If you have finished your intermediate or higher studies, you may apply for NAVTTC Batch-3 Free Courses in 2022.

NOTE: For the Kamyab Jawan Program 2022, NAVTTC Batch–3, the age limit is 18 to 40 years old.

Documents Required

Candidates interested in the Kamyab Jawan Program 2022, NAVTTC Batch-3, must hold valid national identification cards and academic credentials. The required paperwork includes the items listed below:

• Educational Qualifications
• Photographs were taken recently

Kamyab Jawan Program Courses Online Apply

1. Interested parties can use the National Vocational Technical Training Commission’s official website to apply for the Kamyab Jawan Program.
2. Applicants must correctly and completely fill out the application form.
3. Admissions for the Kamyab Jawan Program 2022 under NAVTTC Batch 3 Every day at 9:00 am and ending at 5:00 pm, classes are held.

Advantages of Free Courses

  • There are no admission charges.
  • No charges for training.
  • They provide housing for free.
  • Certificates that have been registered
  • Work-life services Managerial training
  • Coaching for mental health

Wrapping Up

The government is assisting individuals from all around the nation who are qualified and eligible to register for the Kamyab Jawan Program 2022 Free Courses through this program. It’s a great chance to learn traditional and technological skills at reputable colleges in Pakistan. So, register as soon as you can to avoid missing out on this wonderful chance. Please share this information with your friends and coworkers as well.

Overall, the Kamyab Jawan Program is an important initiative that aims to help young people in Pakistan succeed and thrive in their personal and professional lives. By providing access to quality education and training, the program is helping to create a brighter future for the next generation of leaders in Pakistan.

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