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Massive Car Sales Record 2022

Massive Car Sales Record 2022 Drop Between July and October

Despite increasing month over month in October, automobile sales fell 47% between July and October 2022, from 74,952 to 39,700, due to inflation, limits on auto financing, and high-interest rates. Massive Car Sales Record 2022

Interestingly, the number of cars sold increased from 9,213 in September to 11,129 in October, which is still much behind the 17,413 sales in October 2021.

Sales and output both increased in October, indicating a slight improvement. Since the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) increased import limits, automobile assemblers can supply vehicles. This made it easy for vehicle manufacturers to remove their automotive components from the port.

Honda Civic and City sales decreased from 10,444 in July-October 2021 to 4,416 in July-October 2022 in the interim. Toyota Corolla and Yaris sales also plunged dramatically, from 19,214 to 8,253.

Additionally, sales of the Suzuki Cultus and WagonR decreased from 11,454 and 6,779 during the same period last year to 2,952 and 2,181 this year. Furthermore, the Suzuki Bolan and Alto sales decreased from 1,469 to 13,464 compared to 4,012 and 20,773 from July to October 2022, while sales of jeeps and pickup trucks fell by 45% from 14,969 to 8,234 units in the same time.

Additionally, tractor sales fell by 47%, from 17,386 units to 9,258 units, signaling a decline in agriculture. During the same period last year, trucks and buses sold 2,011 and 184 units, respectively, compared to 1,109 and 210 units this year.

Sales of two and three-wheelers decreased from 629,212 units in the prior fiscal year to 412,111 units in the first four months of the current fiscal year.

The 25 Massive Car Sales Record 2022, Cars, Trucks, and SUVs


1. Ford F-Series (467,307 units sold)

The F-series lineup maintained its lead in the sales rankings despite a 13 percent decline. Ford has also begun selling the Lightning, an electric variant of the F-150, and claims to have sold 8760 of them so far.

2. Chevy Silverado (374,479 units sold)

For 2022, the light-duty Silverado 1500 will receive an update, and in order to overtake the Ram and take second place, it had to regain some lost sales momentum. Sales of the heavy-duty model are also included in these figures.

3. Ram Pickup (363,089 units sold)

Ram’s pickup portfolio, which includes both lights- and heavy-duty models, decreased by 16% from the previous year. So although the Chevy just recaptured the lead, it and the Silverado have been competing for the silver medal in the sales race.

4. Toyota RAV4 (303,341 units sold)

In recent years, the RAV4 has solidified its position as the best-selling non-pickup, which appears to continue in 2022. Sales were down 3%, although it still outsells the next-highest-selling model on this list by a significant amount.

5. Toyota Camry (214,403 units sold)

Although SUVs now predominate this list, the Toyota Camry remains the most popular car that is neither an SUV nor a pickup truck. As a result, the Camry lost 17 percent of its market share but still outperformed several SUVs and far outperformed the Corolla, the second-best passenger vehicle.

6. Honda CR-V (178,687 units sold)

The 2023 Honda CR-V is ready for sale, but the current model is still selling well and in the top 10 best-selling vehicles. Sales were down 38% from last year, but the new model may help turn things around.

7. Toyota Tacoma (175,872 units sold)

Regarding sales, Toyota continues to outsell the Ford Ranger and the Chevy Colorado in the mid-size truck segment. However, compared to the same time last year, Tacoma did decrease by 12%.

8. Jeep Grand Cherokee (172,545 units sold)

We’re not used to seeing Jeep’s mid-size SUV this high on the list of best-selling vehicles, much like the Highlander. However, after an excellent first half, the GC’s numbers are now down 9% from last year; the new two-row and three-row L versions are now available for purchase.

9. Toyota Corolla (171,556 units sold)

Despite being a symbol of affordability, dependability, and fuel economy, the Toyota Corolla’s sales are declining. Sales decreased by 21% over the previous year. The 300-hp GR Corolla hot hatchback, which recently made its debut, is indeed thrilling, but because of its niche status, Corolla volumes will only ever be able to increase a little.

10. GMC Sierra (169,107 units sold)

The premium sibling of the Chevy Silverado barely makes it into the list of the ten best-selling cars for the first three quarters of the year. This applies to both Sierra 1500 light-duty and heavy-duty variants.

11. Toyota Highlander (164,451 units sold)

Although it entered the top 10 bestsellers at one time and has ascended the sales charts this year, the Toyota Highlander had a subpar third quarter. Sales are currently down 21% from last year.

12. Chevy Equinox (163,324 units sold)

Through the first three quarters of 2022, Equinox is now in third place in the mainstream compact-crossover sales contest. Sales increased by 8% over the previous year.

13. Tesla Model Y (162,000 units sold, estimated)

Although Teslas are now neither inexpensive nor straightforward, the Model Y is making its way into many driveways throughout America. According to Automotive News, the EV carmaker shipped 162,000 units over the first three quarters of 2022.

14. Ford Explorer (156,243 units sold)

Recently, the Explorer has struggled to stay up with its mid-size SUV rivals, with sales down 3% from the previous year. While the Toyota Highlander and Jeep Grand Cherokee are currently both placed higher on this ranking.

15. Jeep Wrangler (147,156 units sold)

The Wrangler is to Jeep what the 501 is to Levi’s, although it isn’t their top-selling vehicle. Recently, the Grand Cherokee has outpaced this iconoclastic 4×4, and we are left to question how much the 86,387 Ford Broncos sold in the first three quarters of the year had to do with the Wrangler’s 11% drop from the previous year.

16. Tesla Model 3 (138,100 units sold, estimated)

Most of Tesla’s deliveries throughout the first three quarters of the year were of the Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. But because Tesla does not separate its U.S. sales data from its global ones, we are utilizing sales projections from Automotive News.

17. Nissan Rogue (130,135 units sold)

Sales of the Nissan Rogue decreased by 45 percent from the same period last year, placing it below several of its rival compact-crossover competitors. And this is true even when Nissan aggregates sales data for the more extensive Rogue Sport and the more diminutive basic Rogue.

18. Hyundai Tucson (125,625 units sold)

It’s hardly surprising that Hyundai’s representation on this list of best-selling vehicles is the Tucson. It competes in the well-liked compact-crossover sector, was revised for 2022, and sales increased by around 8% from the same period in 2017.

19. Mazda CX-5 (115,949 units sold)

Mazda sales were on the up early in the year, but lately, things have slowed. Despite its sales declining by 16% from the previous year, the CX-5, which has just undergone a redesign for the 2022 model year, continues to be in the lead.

20. Subaru Crosstrek (115,344 units sold)

The Crosstrek is currently Subaru’s best-selling vehicle, with sales up 14% over the previous year. It follows the same principles as the previous Outback Sport models: a raised Impreza hatchback with additional body protection and a great roof rack. A newly created model will be available in 2024.

21. Honda Accord (110,463 units sold)

We always enjoy the Accord, even if sales decreased 30% from the previous year. We’d still pick it above the well-liked Toyota Camry even if it’s no longer competing with it for the title of best-selling non-SUV in the nation.

22. Ford Escape (109,311 units sold)

Sales of the Ford Escape decreased by 2% compared to the first three quarters of last year. However, the more eye-catching Bronco Sport is quickly catching up in sales, so the Ford Escape had best be careful. So far this year, the “baby Bronco” has sold nearly 80,000 copies.

23. Nissan Altima (106,122 units sold)

The Sentra small car is being outsold by the mid-size Altima, with sales up 41% over the first three quarters. Sentra’s sales fell by 43%.

24. Subaru Outback (105,404 units sold)

Although the Crosstrek has eclipsed the Outback to become the best-selling Subaru, the Outback has sold more units this year than the Forester. However, sales are down 14% from the previous year.

25. Honda Civic (96,286 units sold)

The Civic, like many other vehicles on this list, is experiencing supply problems, which led to a 56 percent drop in sales during the first three quarters of this year. This is the case despite the Civic sedan and hatchback receiving a revamp for the 2022 model year.

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