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Microsoft: Your HDR display will be tuned by this new Windows 11 software.

On Windows 11 PCs, Microsoft makes its Xbox HDR calibration program available.

The “Windows HDR Calibration” program, which Microsoft just announced, aims to enhance high dynamic range (HDR) displays with improved color accuracy and consistency.

The program was discovered by Thurrott and is now available in the Microsoft Store. It gives Windows 11 users with HDR displays a simple display-tuning tool for changing both HDR and SDR (standard dynamic range).

On your Windows 11 PC, calibrate your HDR (high dynamic range) display for a better experience with HDR content. You can boost color accuracy and consistency with the aid of the Windows HDR Calibration tool.

When HDR is enabled, it also enables you to control how vibrant colors will seem for both HDR and SDR (standard dynamic range) material, according to Microsoft’s support website.

Although it is geared toward Windows gamers, other HDR content on Windows 11 PCs can equally benefit from it whether viewing movies or producing content.

Microsoft said that it was creating the HDR tool in a blog post from February because Windows 11 customers wanted the Xbox HDR Game Calibration program for Windows PCs to enhance the precision and consistency of PC HDR displays.

Users may now alter the color saturation of all content when HDR is enabled, adding the further capability to the Windows 11 app. When HDR is used, this helps make the content more vibrant. Users may modify how colors will look on a screen using the Color Saturation option of the program.

The program offers three test patterns that determine the greatest possible display brightness as well as the darkest visible detail. It has a slider so that the display may be altered until the pattern is hidden. Utilizing Color Management in the Control Panel, users may also create several color profiles and remove any of them.

Microsoft created the app because the content might frequently be brighter than a display’s maximum supported brightness or dimmer than its minimum supported brightness on displays without HDR certification. According to Microsoft, this results in a “clipping” effect where you can’t see any detail in a scene’s highlights or shadows.

In a recent blog post, Microsoft offers guidelines and advice on how to utilize the app.

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