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Flow Pakistan
Petrol shortage

petrol and diesel shortage Likely Face to Pakistan

OGRA warned that there could be a petrol and diesel shortage in the coming days because there aren’t enough imports and supplies in the country.

It was figured out that there was a shortage of 210,000 MT of HSD and 147,000 MT of gasoline. During the meeting, it was brought up that there might not be enough HSD to import in November, which could make things difficult.

Only PSO has booked Flow Petroleum’s 220,000 MT and 10,000 MT shipments.

It’s important to note that quite a few OMCs had sales in October that were much higher than expected.

In Brief:

In a letter, the Oil Companies Advisory Council told OGRA about the coming petrol and diesel shortage.
During the product review, a shortage of 210,000 MT of HSD and 147,000 MT of gasoline was found.
Says the amount of gasoline imported is in line with how much is expected to be sold and that the stock cover has not been booked.

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