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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: 8 ways to get the most out of the cover screen

One of Samsung’s most recent smartphones with a foldable display is the Galaxy Z Flip 4. The Z Flip 4 features a 1.9-inch screen on the front of the phone, in contrast to the Z Fold 4, which has a big display.

You may interact with your phone while keeping it closed and be shown timely notifications and information on the cover screen.

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However, using the cover screen and all of its functions isn’t always a simple process. To help you get the most of the Z Flip 4, I’ll show you how to use the cover screen in various ways below.

1. Tap to wake the Z Flip 4’s cover screen

The cover screen of your Z Flip 4 remains off while it is on a table or your desk in order to save battery life. Simply double-tap on the cover screen to view the time, the battery level, or a notice that you just heard. After the second tap, it will illuminate, allowing you to quickly scan as much or as little information as you choose.

2. Use the Z Flip 4’s Cover screen to take a selfie

Aside from the cover screen, can you see the two cameras? You may utilise the cover screen in conjunction with the cameras to shoot excellent selfies in addition to using them to snap pictures while the phone is closed.

Double-pressing the power button or fingerprint sensor will launch the camera app. You’ll then see a picture of yourself on the cover screen. To move between portrait, picture, and video mode, swipe left or right. On the cover screen, swipe up or down to adjust how much of the image is seen.

To start taking a photo, simply push the volume up or down button. Easy as pie.

3. Answer or decline phone calls from the cover screen

When the Z Flip 4 is closed and you get a call, you may either answer it by picking up the phone or by utilising the cover screen to use the speaker on your phone. You’ll see the caller’s name, phone number, and profile picture if you’ve added one to your contacts app.

To answer, tap and drag the green phone button to the centre of the display. The red phone button, which is used to reject a call, is located on the other side. Touch the button once more and move your finger to the centre of the display.

4. Reply to text messages

A yellow dot on the cover screen as you wake it up indicates that you have new notifications. To access your notifications tray, swipe from left to right across the screen. From there, you can see your alerts. To read more details or, in the case of a messaging app, to access the message itself, touch on any of the notifications.

You may rapidly respond to a message as you scroll down and read it by using predetermined messages that are available directly on the cover screen. Simply tap the message you wish to send, then when prompted, hit send. Without ever touching your phone, all of that. Neat!

5. Use Samsung Wallet to make a mobile payment at checkout

Here’s how to use the cover screen to make a payment, assuming you already have Samsung Wallet (previously Samsung Pay) loaded and configured. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen after awakening the Z Flip 4 to see your default credit card. Swipe across the screen to change cards, and then tap the fingerprint sensor to authorise payment.

Hold your phone’s back against a payment terminal and wait for the transaction to complete.

In addition to being a fun feature, this is also a need if you intend to use Samsung Wallet to conduct mobile payments as the Flip 4’s NFC tag is situated on the bottom part of the device. Since most NFC chips are located at the top of the phone, using the phone folded open to make a payment is cumbersome.

6. Add, remove or reorder widgets

Samsung designed a number of widgets specifically for the little display, which you can cycle through when you wake the cover screen and swipe across it from right to left. There are widgets for displaying the weather, your daily step total, and your calendar, among other things.

You are not required to use the widgets that are included by default, nor are you need to use them in the same sequence. Although you may add widgets by scrolling to the bottom and hitting the “+” symbol there, I prefer to open the Z Flip 4 and go into the Settings app.

Scroll down until you find Cover Screen in the Settings app and then choose it. When you touch Widgets on the next screen, a list of all the possible cover screen widgets will appear.

To customise the list to your tastes, flip the switch next to each widget you want to use or don’t want to use to the appropriate on or off position. And to rearrange it, simply drag and drop the widgets into the desired position after tapping the large Reorder icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

7. Customize how the Z Flip 4’s cover screen looks

Just as you’re not stuck with the widgets on the Z Flip 4’s cover screen, you’re also not stuck with the looks of the cover screen’s clock.

You are not obligated to use the widgets on the Z Flip 4’s cover screen, and the clock’s aesthetics are not a must either.

Open the Z Flip 4 and go to the Settings app to alter the colours, style, and even the background picture of the cover screen. Choose Cover Screen > Clock style from there.

There are several options for designs that you may select from. You may choose the backdrop picture for the standard clock settings, including one of your phone’s images. To make the words stand out above your chosen image, you may also change its colour. Every time you wake the cover screen, specified pictures are displayed in the graphic clock styles.

The important thing is to make sure you click the Customize option to change the clock style to your preference.

8. Control device settings from the Z Flip 4’s cover screen

Swiping down on the cover screen after waking up the phone is the last action you may perform on it. There are six fast settings buttons for the Z Flip 4’s many features. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, and a slider to change the cover screen’s brightness, among other features. Each page has three buttons, with the second half of the selections visible by swiping left.

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