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the three least expensive nations for international students

Finding the cheapest nations in the globe for international students could even seem pointless. Are they even real? Inexpensive living overseas is common. Rent and tuition costs mount up if you’re pursuing a degree outside of your country of resedance. 

There may not seem to be any inexpensive nations when examining the cost of living in the most well-liked study locations, which frequently rank among the most costly places to live. 
For instance, the average cost of year of study in Australia, the third most popular country for foreign students, is about US$42,093.
Even yet, it is feasible to study abroad on a tight budget without sacrificing the standard of your education; you simply need to do a bit more homework. On QS World University Rankings, we did some research and discovered the cheapest nations in the world for foreign students:

The least expensive nations in the world for foreign students


One of the greatest options for foreign students on a tight budget is Norway. The nation has a reputation for being among the most progressive countries in the world to live, consistently protecting the rights of all its citizens to freedom of religion and culture. It’s one of the reasons Norway has continuously topped the UN’s list of the greatest places to live.

The policies of Norway also help international students. This is because public colleges in the nation do not charge tuition fees, regardless of your place of birth. The fact that public education is free in Norway makes it simpler for you to set aside money for other costs, including rent.

The University of Oslo and the University of Bergen are two of Norway’s leading public universities.


Taiwan is frequently included while discussing the least expensive nations in the world for international students. According to statistics, Taiwan has a cost of living that is around 23.24% cheaper than the US, with rent being 68.31% less expensive. This, together with its accessible healthcare system and comfortable way of life, has given the nation the reputation of being the ideal destination for ex-pats to reside.

This is also evident in the price of schooling. Taiwan’s public and private institutions normally charge between US$1,650 and US$2,500 in year tuition, which is much less than the most well-liked locations for higher education. In addition, the Ministry of Education of the nation routinely grants scholarships to foreign students, which strengthens the appeal of getting a degree.

The National Taiwan University (NTU), Taipei Medical University, and China Medical University, Taiwan are among of Taiwan’s best universities.


One of the top countries attracting foreign students, Germany is increasing significantly in the rankings. With a clean environment, low crime rates, cultural attractions, and a well-developed infrastructure, it enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the whole globe.

Aside from this, Germany is a great option to take into account for its expanding employment prospects. Germany is the best location for students interested in pursuing an engineering career since four industries—the automotive, mechanical engineering, chemical, and electrical industries—dominate the workforce there.

What’s best? Germany is one of the most affordable nations in the world for overseas students because all public institutions there do not charge tuition for undergraduate or Ph.D. programs. However, there is a little catch: foreign students from outside the EU must get a residency visa before traveling to the nation.

Technische Universität München, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, and Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg are a few of Germany’s best institutions.

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