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The top five stylus pens for note-takers and students

which of the best Apple Pencils (second generation) is FLOWPAKISTAN’s top choice, despite the fact that it is designed for Apple gadgets. In order to create list of the top five stylus pens for the 2017 back-to-school season, we looked at battery life, functionality, integration, and more.

Even if the majority of technology is touchscreen-based, there are moments when using pen and paper to create something or take notes for return to school feels fantastic. That is when a stylus is useful.
Styluses utilize touchscreen computers to write, doodle and perform other tasks. 

Since the days of the PalmPilot, styluses’ technology and functions have advanced significantly. For instance, certain styluses now come equipped with palm-rejection technology, tilt detecting features, or pencil-like shading.There are various stylus alternatives available nowadays, depending on your needs and the device you want to use it with. To assist you in selecting the ideal stylus for your creative needs, we’ve compiled the greatest ones.

Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

Best stylus overall (but it’s for Apple products)

Features: Double-tap function | Palm-rejection | Charges wirelessly

The Apple Pencil is the greatest overall stylus (2nd Generation). You’ll probably benefit from an Apple Pencil if all of your technological gadgets are exclusively from the Apple ecosystem. With a double-tap feature that you can personalize to switch between pencil and eraser, display color palettes, and other things, this Apple Pencil improves on the original model. It also attaches to the side of the iPad Pro and charges wirelessly.

When writing, marking up or drawing, the Apple Pencil boasts an industry-leading low latency and is incredibly responsive. Additionally, the screen incorporates palm-rejection and tilt sensitivity so that it only detects the Apple Pencil and not your hand or finger.

However, at $129, this stylus is the priciest choice on this list. Additionally, only certain iPad models are compatible with it, so before buying, make sure your tablet is one of those.


  • Magnetically clips to the iPad Pro and iPad Air to charge wirelessly
  • Intuitive touch surface that supports double-tapping
  • Palm-rejection technology


  • Most expensive option
  • Only works with certain iPad models

Microsoft Surface Pen

Best stylus for Windows users

Features: 4,096 pressure points | Tilt support | Palm-detection

The Microsoft Surface Pen is an obvious choice when purchasing a pen for Microsoft Surface users. With 4,096 pressure points, the Surface Pen offers the highest level of accuracy possible.

Microsoft likens the Surface Pen to a graphite pencil that allows you to shade when sketching because of tilt support. The Surface Pen uses a similar palm sensing technology to the Apple Pencil and magnetically attaches to your tablet.

The Surface Pen’s reliance on batteries and lack of rechargeability are two of its few drawbacks. Changing the batteries may be a hassle.


  • Palm Block feature
  • Comes in different color options
  • Attaches to your Surface device magnetically


  • Only works with certain Windows devices
  • Isn’t rechargeable — takes batteries

Elzo 3 in 1 Stylus Pen

Best cheap stylus

Features: Compatible with all touchscreen devices | 3 tip styles | Also functions as a regular pen

The Elzo 3-in-1 Stylus Pen, which costs just $10.99, is good option for anybody trying to save money on stylus. 
This pen is 100% compatible with all touchscreen devices, including smartphonesdespite not being as high-end as some others.
The pen has three distinct tip styles, giving it the perfect all-in-one tool: sturdy mesh tip for everyday usage or playing games; disc tip for precise drawing; gel tip for taking notes; and gel tip that transforms the pen into real pen when you need to write things down on paper.
Elzo Pen’s drawbacks include the absence of palm detection technology and the possibility that screen protectors will make the pen less sensitive. Additionally, at 25.6g, it is the heaviest pen on our list.


  • Compatible with all touch screen cell phones and tablet devices
  • Different tip sizes to customize how you want to use it, as well as replaceable parts


  • Heaviest penal 25.6 grams
  • Screen protectors may reduce the sensitivity of the touch screen
  • Cannot rest your hand on the screen since it doesn’t have palm-detecting tech

Meko Universal Stylus

Best stylus for any product

Features: Replacement tips | Compatible for any touchscreen device | Mesh tips and precision tips

The Meko Universal Stylus is an excellent alternative that works with all touchscreen gadgets. This tool can write, draw, and use the pen as a substitute for your fingers, which is everything a stylus should be able to do.

A transparent disc at the end of the stylus’ mesh and precise tips allow you to see exactly where your mark is being produced. Additionally, it includes replacement tips that you can simply change in as needed.

The transparent disc on the precision tip is there to promote precision, however, using it can be a pain in the neck. Additionally, after using it for a long, the fiber tip starts to wear.


  • Compatible with any touchscreen device
  • Comes with replacement tips


  • A clear disc can be annoying to get used to and work with
  • Fiber tip tends to wear off quickly after a lot of use

Adonit Note+

Best stylus for drawing

Features: 2,048 pressure points | Tilt support | Charges via USB

A stylus for Apple devices, the Adonit Note+ costs half as much as the Apple Pencil. The Adonit Note+ incorporates palm detection technology, just like the Apple Pencil, with customizable shortcuts for use as an eraser or to undo or redo a stroke.

This stylus supports tilt and has 2,048 pressure levels. You may use a variety of programs, including Procreate, Concepts, Zen Brush 2, or you can directly annotate PDF files. The Andonit Note+’s ability to be used while being charged via USB is a fantastic feature.

However, not all applications are compatible with the pen’s pressure sensitivity. Additionally, it only works with Apple iPads.


  • Includes programmable shortcut buttons
  • Has palm-rejection technology
  • Charge while you use it with the USB port


  • Only compatible with iPads
  • Pressure sensitivity is wonky and doesn’t work across all apps
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