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International Businesses in Pakistan

Top 15 International Businesses in Pakistan in 2022

As a growing nation, Pakistan has used its resources, hard-working people, and a number of International Businesses in Pakistan to achieve economic growth and development, ensuring a better and more modern Pakistan. The majority of International Businesses in Pakistan are not based in Pakistan, but their proud investment in our country is recognized as they serve as a wonderful resource and offer a variety of work possibilities for the young.

List of 15 International Businesses in Pakistan

We have taken the effort to list all the international corporations that Pakistan is pleased to be home to below.

  1. Coca-Cola
  2. Nestle
  3. Unilever
  4. Procter & Gamble
  5. Toyota
  6. Mobilink
  7. Pizza Hut
  8. Standard Chartered
  9. KFC
  10. Engro Corporation
  11. Pakistan Tobacco Company
  12. Philips
  13. Microsoft Corporation
  14. Amazon
  15. Colgate Palmolive

1. Coca-Cola International Businesses in Pakistan

The notorious drink that every Pakistani is familiar with is Coke, which was founded in 1982. The business generated sales of US$37.27 billion and had a net income of almost $8.92 billion!

Coca-Cola manages to make it onto the list of top multinational corporations worldwide despite the significant health risk!

The drink has left its mark on everyone’s hearts since 1886 and has kept it up to this day thanks to its distinctive flavor, highly addictive quality, and availability at an incredibly low price range!

The most well-known and highly regarded business sells a wide variety of still and sparkling beverages, so they didn’t abandon us through our darkest hours. The most popular brand collaborated with a number of groups during Covid-19 to recognize the front-line healthcare workers who gave their all to ease our suffering. Coca-Cola supported every Pakistani in need of a healthy tomorrow through crisis support services and relief cash!

2. Nestle International Businesses in Pakistan

Pakistan has been fortunate to have a leading global corporation, Nestle, for more than three decades. Nestle has been a top choice for all Pakistanis to be sure of, offering a wide variety of food and beverage options that are spread all over the world and have outstanding quality in every single one. Although everyone heavily relies on their price range, packaging, and 100% hygiene guarantee, they continue to gain popularity every day.

Nestle has consistently kept its pledge to provide for the nutritional requirements of not just the masses but also the impoverished and vulnerable populations throughout the world, even if many businesses are contributing to a larger change in the world. They hope to rescue and transform the lives of many people with their present endeavor of PKR 100 million contributions. They even provided the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) with 75 tonnes of water for Karachi relief operations!

The business has been successful in creating and preserving an image that has cemented its position in our daily lives. While operating in more than 180 nations worldwide, the firm is continually looking for new markets to pursue!

3. Unilever International Businesses in Pakistan

Anglo-Dutch business was founded in 1948 with the big vision to launch a varied product line that not only produces edible items but also has dipped into numerous categories to meet all of our needs! This business, which specializes in skincare and hair products, is presently active in more than 150 nations and is gradually emerging as the answer to a lot of our issues.

The largest fast-moving consumer products business in Pakistan and one of the biggest multinationals operating there since 1952 is Unilever Pakistan. They specialize in home and personal care, food, and beverage items, and operate six plants in various cities around the nation. The business made 420 million dollars in sales, or Rs 69976 million, and made 47 million dollars in net income, or Rs 7766 million.

4. Procter & Gamble International Businesses in Pakistan

Since its initial shipment in August 1991, P&G has expanded significantly to rank among the top fast-moving consumer products firms in Pakistan! Their goods have gained recognition and continue to have a special place in Pakistani culture.

The headquarters of this American multinational corporation is in Karachi, Pakistan, and it generates 22 billion rupees in annual income. P&G was the exclusive supplier of the beloved Head & Shoulders shampoo used by every Pakistani. Since approximately 18 years ago, each of their products has established a reputation for being the unquestionably optimal fusion of what is required with what is feasible. P&G has given us everything we could possibly need, from infant products to fabric care.

5. Toyota International Businesses in Pakistan

It seems unlikely that anyone in the modern world, when technology has made the world a far more evolved place than it formerly was, wouldn’t be aware of Toyota. This international corporation built a reputation that it still upholds today! A subsidiary of the Japanese multinational automaker, Toyota Indus is a Pakistani carmaker. This global corporation meets all transportation demands with total assets of Rs 50.399 billion (US$300 million) and total equity of Rs 24.036 billion (US$150 million).

6. Mobilink International Businesses in Pakistan

Aamir Ibrahim established the business in 1994 as a partnership between Motorola Inc. and Saif Group. Mobilink has over 50 million users and is now Pakistan’s leading telecom company. This private limited business serves both corporate and individual users in more than 20,000 localities with a variety of prepaid and postpaid voice and data communications services.

7. Pizza Hut

This large international brand, which caters to many Pakistanis, is among the top 10 restaurants in Pakistan for delicious pizza. The Italian-American menu of this popular American restaurant features pizza, sandwiches, salads, and pasta.

Pizza Hut is a favorite of all customers and is currently one of Pakistan’s largest restaurant chains, with over 18,703 locations worldwide. They provide outstanding customer service, mind-blowing tastes, and punctual delivery. These are all the qualities you need to keep your clients coming back, right?

8. Standard Chartered

The 6th largest bank in Pakistan, Standard Chartered, was given to the nation 150 years ago in 2013! This bank is undoubtedly a favorite among Pakistanis, with over 9000 employees spread throughout 94 locations. It is a division of a British multinational firm that Shahzad Dada owns.

It was the first multinational bank to receive a license for Islamic banking and the first to establish a branch of Islamic banking. This well-known bank has more than 2,800 employees and a network of 61 locations spread throughout 11 cities.

9. KFC

In 1997, Raza Pirbhai opened the first KFC in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. Today, KFC is present in 24 of Pakistan’s largest cities, with over 92 locations across the country, 22 of which are in Karachi and 17 in Lahore.

The menu of this fast-food favorite among Pakistanis has burgers, fries, fried chicken, nuggets, rice dishes, twister wraps, and a new item called the “Zingeratha,” which combines their popular Zinger and a paratha.

This international corporation is promising and has numerous initiatives to give back to the community that values food so much. One of many is their desire to improve people’s lives by offering higher living conditions through the “Mitao Bhook” movement.

10. Engro Corporation

The Pakistani multinational conglomerate corporation produces petrochemicals, energy, food, fertilizers, and chemicals. One of the biggest producers of fertilizers in the world is Engro Fertilizers.

The company’s total equity is Rs 169.091 (US$1.0 billion), its revenue is Rs 157.208 billion (US$950 million), and its net income is Rs 69.107 billion (US$420 million). And it has employed 3,768 people in all.

11. Pakistan Tobacco Company

Immediately following the split in 1947, the economically significant firm Pakistan Tobacco Company Limited was established. Over 1 million Pakistanis rely on the tobacco sector for their living, and the corporation has been producing tobacco there for many years. In addition to producing cigarettes, the business is also involved in growing and packaging them. Two factories are located in Akora Khattak and Jhelum, while the headquarters are in Islamabad.

12. Philips

The headquarters of the Dutch multinational firm Philips is in Amsterdam. Personal Health, Connected Care, and Diagnosis & Treatment are the three primary organizational segments of the business. Since Philips has been operating in Pakistan for more than 130 years, many people have developed a unique affection for the company. They have persisted in making people’s lives better by making ground-breaking discoveries. Along with branch offices in Rawalpindi and Lahore, the firm maintains its headquarters in Karachi.

13. Microsoft Corporation

An American multinational technology company is called Microsoft Corporation. It is well-known in Pakistan for producing, licensing, supporting, and selling computer software, consumer goods, personal computers, and associated services.

The business is committed to both organizational success and personal progress. As of 2020, the software behemoth has more than 300 million users on Windows 10 alone. The company’s sales were US$41.7 billion and its net income was $15.5 billion, which is higher by 44% compared to 2020, as a consequence of a jump in demand that was seen during the epidemic.

14. Amazon

Amazon is a Seattle, Washington-based company dedicated to worldwide innovation. It is a well-known and extensively utilized e-commerce firm that has great popularity around the globe, including in Pakistan. Along with Google, Apple, and Facebook, it is regarded as one of the major four technological companies.

Around 500,000 w were generated by Amazon in 2020 for workers with various levels of education, experience, and skill.

15. Colgate Palmolive

A subsidiary of the American global corporation Colgate-Palmolive and the Pakistani firm Lakson Group, Colgate Palmolive, formerly known as National Detergents Limited, is a producer of consumer products in Pakistan.

It is headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan, and was established in 1977. Today, Colgate-Palmolive Pakistan holds a prominent place in the market for consumer goods. Colgate is steadfastly devoted to raising oral health awareness with the single-minded goal of increasing toothpaste usage in Pakistan.

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