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What’s new between the Apple Watch SE models from 2022 and 2020?

With this new version, Apple updated its cost-effective Apple Watch SE, bringing its performance closer to that of the brand-new Series 8. Let us assist you in determining whether this Apple Watch is all you require or whether the earlier model would be a better match due to the possibility of savings.

Since its release in 2020, the first-generation Apple Watch SE has been a hit with customers. It offered a fantastic compromise between the dated Series 3 and the most advanced main-line apple watches of the last few years. Apple, however, thought it was time for a refresh and produced a brand-new SE with features taken directly from the most recent Series 8.

Let’s compare the differences between the two versions so you can determine if you should get a new Apple Watch SE right now or just buy the older model while it’s still available in stores.

If, you ought to get the Apple Watch SE 2022.

1. You desire the quickest, least expensive Apple Watch.

A tweaked version of the S8 processor seen in Apple’s recently released Series 8 Apple Watch powers the updated Apple Watch SE. This makes it, in Apple’s estimation, 20% quicker than the first-generation Apple Watch SE and almost as quick as the Series 8 itself. Even the retail pricing is an amazing bargain in light of the new SE’s substantial price premium over the Series 8’s.

2. You wish to monitor the security of your family.

The SE (2022) and Series 8 both received the new high-g accelerometer chip that is required to enable Apple’s recently launched crash detection functionality in addition to sharing a chip. If you’ve been in a car accident, this new safety feature enables the Apple Watch SE (2022) (as well as the iPhone 14 range and Series 8) to notify emergency services and your emergency contacts right away. You no longer need to spend $400 or more to obtain the peace of mind it offers thanks to Apple’s decision to add this function to its more affordable device.

3. You enjoy hiking or being outside.

The SE (2022) is compatible with Apple’s updated Compass programme, which now supports new waypoints and a retrace function. As long as you have a steady GPS signal, you may use your own guide points when you’re in the woods. This is great for campers who want an extra measure of security as well as orienteering hobbyists.

If, you ought to get the Apple Watch SE (2020).

1. You want the most affordable model of the current Apple Watch.

Prices for the first-generation Apple Watch SE are already less expensive than the SE’s starting price (2022). Those price tags are certain to decrease much more with this new introduction. It’s not improbable that in the near future you’ll be able to get the beloved, barely two-year-old original SE for about $200, or even less, while supplies last.

2. You were a big fan of the previous Space Gray or Gold hues

The fresh Midnight and Starlight hues have replaced the earlier Space Gray and Gold colorways on the updated Apple Watch SE (2022), which still comes in silver. For many people, it may seem little, but if you have a Space Gray iPhone or a Gold MacBook, absolutely must match in terms of hue. Your best option in such situation is to get an older SE (2020) model before they run out of stock.

3. You urgently require a new Apple Watch.

It will take some time until the next Apple Watch SE (2022) is available to users. Even if you place an order now, it won’t get to you until September 16. Your best option is to get one of those quickly selling out SE (2020) versions if you truly need an Apple Watch right now for a present or to replace a lost or broken wearable you currently possess.

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