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Yamaha Announces

Yamaha 0% Markup Plan Announces for Bikes Again

Last month, Yamaha announced its 0% markup plan, which lets people buy a bike in four equal payments with no interest. But it was only available on a small number of bikes and at several dealerships.

A recent update says the company has returned its 0% markup instalment service, but only for some cardholders.

The new deal is only for people with debit or credit cards from MCB, according to an official post on the company’s social media page, and it lasts for a year. All Yamaha bikes can sign up for the plan. MCB can tell you more about the offer if you want to take advantage of it.

Interesting Timing for Yamaha

This offer came up after Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) started teasing the all-new Suzuki GSX125.

At the Pakistan Auto Show (PAS) in 2022, Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) showed off the new GSX125. After the company stopped making the GS150SE, the market said the GSX125 might replace it. The Yamaha YBR125 and the Honda CB125F will be in the same class as the new bike.

  • It has a 125cc single-cylinder gasoline engine that is cooled by air and makes 10.45 hp and 9.2 Nm of torque.
  • The car has a curb weight of 126 kilograms and gets 42 kilometres per litre of gas.
  • A return shift pattern and a five-speed transmission with a constant mesh
  • Two-piston calipers on the front disc brake and a drum brake on the back.
  • At the front, there are two inverted fork tubes, and at the back, there are spring-loaded shock absorbers for suspension.

Also, rumors in the market say that Yamaha launched its offer simultaneously with the GSX 125 to sway customers in its favor. We don’t know for sure if that will happen or not.

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